Course Title    English for Work   


Course Description


English for work is a basic course designed for intermediate students of English as a second language who wish to improve their written and spoken business communication skills. The course focuses on level-appropriate grammar, introduces vocabulary specific to various business domains, and familiarizes students with the finer points of business etiquette and business correspondence.

The course is designed using student centered approach. The students will mostly do lots of activities during the session and be guided by the international exchange student (scholars) of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi.




Basic  - Intermediate skill


Course Objectives


To prepare students in their future jobs using English language to foreign clients.


Learning Outcomes 


Upon completion of the subject, students will have acquired the following skills and competencies.

  • communicate more accurately & fluently in English
  • present with confidence in English
  • improve their business writing skills (resume, application letter, etc.)
  • expand their professional vocabulary
  • improve their understanding of grammar
  • read technical (work-related) materials faster
  • understand business etiquette
  • able to use polite business expressions


Course Contents


The course will be composed of most or all of the following subjects, depending on the amount of class time available.

  • Meeting People in Business
  • The Importance of Politeness in Business
  • Expressions of Politeness
  • Asking Questions
  • Business “Magic Words”
  • Interactive activities
  • Dubbing short films in English
  • Daily Conversation in the office
  • Business (office) Etiquette
  • Writing Resume
  • Games


Venue   BHUDDHA RAKSA  3rd floor   

Course  Length   6  hours

Cost - ฿. Free for KMUTT’s student      

Organized by  Continuing Education Center  King Mongkut’s of Technogy Thonburi

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05/02/2018 - 09/03/2018
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